What if your workspace adapted to your habits?

Are you a coworker, open space or closed office? Ichibani allows you to work according to your needs.

A personalized workspace, whatever your profession

Some people like the flexibility of going to the office when they need it, on demand and custom-made. Others prefer a fixed workplace, rented by the month or year. And you, what is your preference for your professional environment?

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise or an international company?

You are a company with employees and want a place to meet? For a small team or a larger structure, to rent one or more spaces, we offer all the alternatives. Fully equipped offices, individual or shared, with all our services and facilities.

Renting an office or commercial space means starting from scratch. You will need to equip the space with furniture, tables, chairs, shelves and storage space. This requires initial investments, which you can avoid by selecting a fully equipped option.

You can opt for a monthly, yearly or long-term rental. You will have your own space, you can decorate it and feel at home. You can also book on demand. One or more days per week for example, if you are a company, a small or medium-sized business or a large company that prefers hybrid working conditions combining telecommuting and days in the office.

With us, as soon as you arrive, you’re ready to go. The wifi is ready, the coffee machine is already heating up. All you have to do is turn on your computer and off you go. Time saving and efficiency guaranteed. Don’t forget that our reception service welcomes your visitors, secretariat and domiciliation.

All alternatives are possible and we will gladly discuss your needs together.

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You are an entrepreneur with a team at your side?

You need a place to meet and work collaboratively with your team and colleagues. A place to gather, to move forward on your projects, to discuss. And really, seeing you at home or in a coffee shop is neither professional nor appropriate.

We offer a large open space on the 1st floor, which provides you with a fully equipped workplace. Wifi, cables and plugs to be efficient and operational from the first minute.

The possibility to share a friendly moment with colleagues at the coffee machine, our relaxation area and its table soccer. Combining moments of deepwork and conviviality is part of the values we propose at Ichibani. The well-being at work for efficient days between productivity and good mood.

And after a nice team meal in our cafeteria which offers a wide choice of dishes for all tastes, you can offer yourself a quick nap to regain energy before starting your next meeting or collaborative work session.

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Are you a coach, trainer or consultant?

Do you regularly meet with clients to offer your services? Are you a social being who needs the energy of interaction with others? Do you often organize meetings?

Do you evolve in a profession of exchange where you are in relation with your customers? Are you looking for a friendly and warm space, in a professional atmosphere adapted to your meetings?

Our quiet spaces allow you to have conversations in complete freedom. We also offer you our coffee break area to start your meeting or work session in an informal way.

If you are a fan of innovative work methods, come and try out the raised desk to work standing up. You can work in fixed mode or by walking on our specially designed treadmill. You can also sit on different seats, including balloons, which are excellent for your back and ergonomics.

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Are you a freelancer or a self-employed?

You’re used to working alone, but staying at home sometimes weighs you down. You like the idea of going out to an outdoor workplace, meeting people, maybe partnering with other coworkers.

As an alternative to working from home, you can rent a space in our open-plan coworking space. If you like to be surrounded by people, choose our open space on the second floor where you can talk, discuss and exchange ideas.

If you like to be quiet for better concentration, we also have a quiet space on the ground floor. It has a library that also allows you to read, for a relaxing reading break during the day.

If you would like your own private, closed space where you will feel at home it is also possible.

You can install your own decorations, bring your own plants and leave a plaque with your contact information at the entrance. Your own office assigned on a long-term rental basis.

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Various possibilities of equipped offices or spaces to rent

A dynamic place to meet people? A quiet space for focus and concentration? To each his own preference, to each his own adapted Ichibani space.


The idea of coworking is to work in an open space, with other people working around you. Ichibani has two coworking spaces.

Open-space: on the 1st floor, a vast surface of 60 sqm to welcome 20 people in fully equipped and ready-to-use workplaces. A diversified space to be able to settle down at the workstation most adapted to the task carried out: oriented towards well-being, performance, dynamics, videoconferencing or discussion. With one-to-one cubicle spaces for face-to-face meetings.

Phone Booth: No distractions, it’s focus and concentration.

Coworking is ideal for imaginative tasks or those requiring discussions:

freelance or self-employed, consultant, or when you need to make calls, video conferences. You can talk without the risk of disturbing.

The world, the movement, the effervescence are conducive to creativity and exchanges.

The Ichibani benefits for spaces that promote well-being at work

Our facilities offer a professional environment that promotes balance in your day. The best working conditions ensure the best performance. Our vision is to guarantee you days where you feel good. That’s why we offer different approaches to the way you work. Which one would you like to try first?

Sit-stand desk

The best way to work all day while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Depending on your tasks and projects, vary your positions and try working on both feet. It is excellent for your back and your posture.


Work in motion, to reach your 10'000 daily steps. A revolutionary way to bring sports into your day at the office. You'll love the FitOffice walking desks.

Phone booth

Reading area and professional library

The best professional books at your disposal, in a reading corner with a comfortable armchair and cushions. A reading break is an excellent way to take your mind off things, to let go before getting back to your work.

Relaxation area and table football

There is nothing better than laughing and competing with professional partners in a frantic game! Get to know each other in a different way, and enjoy a moment of play in the middle of your day. What a great way to add adrenaline to your day.

Coffee machine kitchen

So much sharing and discussion at the coffee machine. It's a time to catch up with colleagues, an informal moment to talk about your day, your weekend, to share your desires or projects. And if you're not into coffee... we also have teas and infusions for you.

Swiss ball

These round seats bring many benefits to the posture, improve balance and deeply tone up the back muscles. They transform your sitting in a mobile and dynamic version. Who wants to come and try it out?

Box one to one

An open space is cheerful and warm. But sometimes it is necessary to be able to isolate oneself in order to facilitate private exchanges between two people, face to face. This is the role of our new "one to one" cubicles which allow you to have a discussion or meeting eye to eye.

Call us today to choose your new shared office

Start working as soon as you arrive in your shared office
Ichibani provides offices and premises in a Business Center, but above all it is a team dedicated to supporting you in your daily professional life. Discover the list of benefits that a flexible and reactive team offers you.

Your benefits

Working practices are constantly changing and Ichibani helps you gain agility thanks to the flex office

A business center offers incomparable advantages for your working comfort: a flexible and modular work environment that follows the evolution of your projects to bring your structure incomparable agility. We call this flex office!

Spaces tailored to each need, a personalized service to go further.

Whether you’re looking for a shared workspace, a private office, a dedicated open space, a relaxation area or a meeting room, all are available in a friendly work environment. Renting offices becomes a breeze. Our coworking space offers you ready-to-use workstations with high-speed internet access.

Business domiciliation allows you to start with a light structure, to register your head office and then, depending on the development of your activity, to fit your needs. Rent an office by the day or work in the common areas. Registering your company is the first step in developing your project.

Cost control is a determining element in developing a project or ensuring the durability of a company. The fixed costs, in particular the premises and the infrastructure necessary for the operation of the administrative tasks constitute an important item in the budgetary balance of each company. At Ichibani, you determine the rental period according to your needs: by the hour, half-day, day, month, year or more…

This flexible solution allows you to control your infrastructure budget from the start. Whether you are alone or in a team, conference rooms, private offices and numerous services (for example: business address, telephone answering, concierge service) complete your equipped office. Use only what you need!

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They chose their flexible workspace at Ichibani

Andrea Galesso
Andrea Galesso
Toutes ces personnes sont vraiment compétentes et d'une très grande sympathie. Travailler avec eux est un plaisir.
Normand Lemire
Normand Lemire
Lieu agréable, accueil impeccable et prix très compétitifs. Je fais mes rencontres d'affaires et je donne des séances de coaching dans leurs bureaux privatifs. Espace moderne et bien équipé.
Hélène d'AGRAIN
Hélène d'AGRAIN
Belles salles, très bien équipées pour tout type de réunions. Excellent accueil et bonne collaboration avec l'équipe sur place.
Eric Maire
Eric Maire
Excellente prestation de toute l'équipe et une infrastructure moderne et très conviviale. Je suis un fan,
Virginie Belleville - Dos Santos
Virginie Belleville - Dos Santos
Un accueil chaleureux et des locaux parfaitement aménager! Je remercie Hélène et son équipe!
Institut Suisse de Haute Performance (ISHP)
Institut Suisse de Haute Performance (ISHP)
Un endroit incroyable pour travailler, une équipe au top. Des salles modernes et lumineuses, parfaitement équipées. De vastes espaces de co-working, confortable et calme.
Christian Géry
Christian Géry
Accueil, emplacement et locaux excellents. Un très grand merci pour tout.

The right coworking space for you

Come and develop your projects in a different way! Discover the rates of our coworking space as well as all the benefits offered to our members, so that you can choose, right now, the best solution for your needs.


man wearing blue and green plaid collared button-up long-sleeved shirt sitting while using laptop computer
CHF 923 Monthly VAT Exclusive*
  • 1 workstation
  • Parking
  • Storage space
  • 24/7 access

Small team

espaces de travail Ichibani
CHF 1'260 Monthly VAT Exclusive*
  • 1 to 4 workstations
  • Parking
  • Storage space
  • 24/7 access


CHF 350 Monthly VAT Exclusive*
  • Up to 60 workstations
  • Parking
  • Individual offices / openspace
  • 24/7 access

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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms equipped and flexible according to your needs, with a capacity of up to 60 people.


Our team is at your disposal to assist you in carrying out your administrative tasks or to perform them for you.


Ichibani regularly offers professional events to promote exchanges, develop its network and acquire new knowledge.