Hospitality Management

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Create working conditions that are conducive to the performance of your company and the comfort of your employees by delegating all or part of the tasks related to your real estate.

The Ichibani team, based at the A-One Business Center for 10 years, is your privileged partner for the management of your work spaces.

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Hospitality Management


Health in the workplace is particularly important to us. That’s why, at Ichibani, you can choose the office furnishings best suited to your task: swiss ball, sit-stand table, treadmill, armchairs, all the professional furniture is designed to create a convivial space.

On-site, the Eldora restaurant contributes to your well-being by offering healthy and tasty dishes indoors or on its terrace. You have access to the Fitness center equipped with the latest technology. Yoga classes are also available. As you can see, every space has been designed to boost your creativity.


We are convinced that to be effective at work, in addition to the continuous improvement of spaces, the quality of service makes the difference.

Our team is available on-site from Monday to Friday. From providing assistance and organising events to managing shared premises and running the community will make your life easier


The BIZ-connect network offers you the chance to meet passionate entrepreneurs and business leaders at monthly meetings. Getting out of your daily routine and confronting your ideas with other professionals adds an extra dimension to your projects thanks to collective intelligence. Regular training courses are also available to help you progress in areas such as sales, marketing, public speaking and personal development.

The annual membership fee gives you access to coworking days. This is an opportunity to change your place of work and meet with members of the network to generate synergies.